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A couple of weeks ago, my bestie (Stephanie aka Chedda) and I rallied up our girl squad, packed our bags, and headed down to Florida for our dear friend/former college roommate Ailya’s bachelorette party… and MAN. IT WAS AWESOME. One thing I love about Perdido Key is that it’s kind of off the tourist-y grid, but still close enough where you can get in on the action if you want to. It’s between Pensacola, FL and Gulf Shores, AL – so it’s literally the last beach in the pan-handle before you hit Alabama. We tied everything together with our theme for the weekend, which was “Get NAUTI”… here are a few of the little things we pulled together to make our girl feel special!

GetNAUTI_gift bag_01Since everyone had to travel to get down there, we wanted to make sure they felt right at home and comfortable when they arrived. Everyone had a goodie bag waiting for them on their bed along with an itinerary for the weekend.

GetNAUTI_gift bag 2We didn’t want everything to be so planned there wasn’t any down time, but we also wanted there to be a flow for the weekend and for everyone to feel like they were “in the know”. If you’re planning a bachelorette party, especially one with different friend groups all mixing together, this makes things so much smoother for everyone! The goodie bags had personalized cups with everyone’s name on it, an eos lip balm, a snack bar, a personalized THEMED T-SHIRT (obvi), and a captain’s hat. Our fearless captain rocked a navy blue cap while the rest of the crew donned our white ones… gotta keep the ranks clearly marked!

GetNAUTI_bachelorette sailboat charterWe chartered a sailboat to take us out for a cruise, and it was beeeeeyootiful! We packed up some Publix subs and snacks and went out for an afternoon cruise. It was so relaxing, we all just sat around munching, sipping, and chatting while soaking up the sun… my kind of trip!

GetNAUTI_bachelorette scavenger huntWe whipped together a little scavenger hunt for our group to work on collectively… and of course. You can’t forget the most important part.

GetNAUTI_bachelorette scavenger hunt 2You’ve gotta have your designated hashtag for the weekend. Never leave home without one.GetNAUTI_bachelorette sashWe also made a little sash for her to wear out for our nightly adventuring. A bride can’t go galavanting around unrecognized for the royalty that she is, right?!

GetNAUTI_bachelorette photo booth

We headed into Pensacola that night for dinner at The Fish House, and afterwards went into the Seville Quarter for the rest of our nightly shenanigans. This place has everything. There’s a dueling piano bar (my fave!), a billiard hall, an area with live music, and a dance club, and all of this is in one little complex – talk about hitting the jackpot!

I’d say overall the weekend was a success. We all made it out alive, there was only ONE concussion (which is an accomplishment in my book!), and Ailya was officially bacheloretted. If that’s even a word. We love her SO much and I can’t WAIT to start partying down come wedding time! Let’s DO this!

Planning a bachelorette party any time soon? Tell us about it! We love hearing new ideas!




  1. This is SO great! I’ve been planning a beachy bachelorette weekend w/ a ‘get nauti’ party in FL over Labor Day weekend & I was looking for sailor hats! Where did you get yours?! And I absolutely LOVE the sash & backdrop for those photos.. I’ve been playing around with a few sash ideas and I’ve got a final decision now thanks to you!! Looks like it was such a blast, I love it all :)

    • Hey Kristina! Luh0VE it! :) I actually just found those hats on Amazon, since I’m an Amazon Prime junkie now, haha! I think I just searched “Captain’s hats” or something like that – wasn’t hard to find at all! Hope your weekend is a blast… I wanna see some pics!

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