J O A N N A | happy halloween!

It’s Halloween! Better yet, it’s Friday! This weekend we are all spread out; celebrating with friends, family, community, and enjoying this beautiful fall weekend. We hope you guys are doing the same!picstitchThe tiniest member of You Can Sit With Us (currently channeling her inner Minnie Mouse) is ready for some fun and candy! Isn’t she the cutest?

*Side note: have you reserved your spot for our SweetWater meet-up that’s happening NEXT week? Space is limited and we want to see you there! Don’t break my heart… make it happen!picstitchMinnie (AKA Tacie) hopes that your weekend is filled with lots of love, good eats, and even better company! Happy Halloween!


K A T | bbq chicken sliders recipe


Everyone knows about my love for The Bachelor. During Sean’s season, I stumbled across his sister, Shay’s blog and have loved it ever since! She posts all sorts of delicious recipes and I’ve been dying to try some out. Shay and I share a mutual love of crockpots and I knew her BBQ chicken sliders would be perfect to fix on our blogger getaway to the mountains. This meal really is so simple and definitely hit the spot! If you need an easy fall lunch or dinner idea, you’ve got to try it out!

BBQ Chicken Sliders

:: 1 1/2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breasts
:: 1/4 cup brown sugar
:: 3 tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce
:: 2 teaspoons mustard
:: 3 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
:: 1 cup chicken stock
:: 8 dinner rolls cut in half
:: Garnish with pickles, red onions, or monterey jack cheese!


Place your first 6 ingredients in the crockpot. Cover and cook on low for 6-7 hours or on high for 3-4 hours. Remove lid and shred chicken. Load your slider rolls up with BBQ and garish with shredded cheese, pickles, or onions. Enjoy!


C A S O N | i fell for the kimono


At one point in time, I swore I’d never wear Uggs, leggings as pants, faux fur, flannel, Birkenstocks, or jeggings. I’m not too proud to say that I own and have worn all of the above in the past 12 months. Some fashion trends just need a moment for us to warm up to. Kimonos were definitely a piece that I passed on at first. Temptation got the best of me and I have officially caved. A girl can only resist fashion fate for so long! Joanna was the first to fall. If you missed her favorite kimonos, check them out here.


 kimono: ASOS  | denim: Forever 21 | white tee: Old Navy | rhinestone necklace: J.Crew | gold and turquoise cuff: Nordstrom Rack, similar here | aviators: Ray-Ban | booties: Target

Y’all already know my love for ASOS. Mine was only $28 and they have over 300 more styles to choose from! Shop similar ASOS kimonos below.

Don’t be afraid to try this new trend!


A U D G E | slow it down a sec

I’m too busy. There, I said it.

I feel like every single minute of every single day is jam-packed, and if I’m not busy then I’m wasting time. You ever get that feeling? Like life is a constant race against the clock. Especially having two babies now, those “power hours” as I call them are few and far between. It was like if I got to talk to my husband alone for longer than five consecutive minutes where there were no short, needy people around and we both weren’t on the verge of passing out from sheer exhaustion, that was a major accomplishment.

You know what else I realized? I don’t think that’s how God intended things to be. This is not how we’re supposed to live.

IMG_0194There was a day a couple of weeks ago where I was completely overwhelmed with everything I had to do that day. My house was OUT OF CONTROL. (And I’m not saying that in like the “OH! I’m so embarrassed you came over and there’s a stray sock on the floor… my house is such a wreck!” kind of way… you would have literally been horrified.) We had no food in our fridge. I had e-mails piling on e-mails (which is actually an issue for me… weird, I know). I had photography jobs stacking up and blog posts to write and deadlines to meet and children to feed and entertain and OMGGGGGG. So we got through the morning, and nap time rolled around after lunch which is normally my GO time. And you know what I did? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. My list was so long that I didn’t even know where to start, so I just grabbed a book, started reading my Bible and praying and laying in my bed and (dare I even say it?) RESTING. It was the best thing ever. God soothed my weary heart so much in that small little window of time and reminded me of how big He is and how little I am, which is actually a huge relief. I don’t have to be all things to all people. He is. I don’t have to get all of these things on my list done right now. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to happen.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” – John 15:5

IMG_0229My littlest baby is about to turn 9 months… 9 MONTHS y’all. Crazy! I want to spend every minute I can pointing them to the real source of peace and life rather than myself. And I can’t do that without walking in the rest that Jesus gives us each and every day. So take a breather, you (and everyone else) will be SO glad you did.


J O A N N A | diy lavender bath salts

I go through phases, like every girl. I become obsessed with a beauty routine, which I will usually stick with until the next thing comes along. Right now, I’m all things lavender. As you may remember, I am a big fan of the oil cleansing method. I wash my face every night with different oils and have loved the results. More recently I started using lavender oil for my moisturizer (I started this because I read that it helps with wrinkles) and it’s changed my life. I love the way it smells AND the way it clears up my skin! I started doing research and was overwhelmed with all I found… lavender can be used for so many things! (Watch out coconut oil!)a25e1d2f607c16f9e3ae4ace41249506 (475x600)Of all the different uses mentioned on this list, I am partial to using lavender for skin care. However, I came across this particular bath salt recipe and I looooooove it!photo (3)What you need:

:: 1 cup epsom  salt

:: 1 tbsp baking soda

:: 5-10 drops lavender essential oil (depending on how strong you want the scent.)

Mix together epsom salt, baking soda, and oil. When relaxation time is upon you, add 1/2 cup to a nice, hot bath.

You can make it fancy by adding rosemary, dried lavender buds and/or even food coloring (to make it look extra fancy). This would even make a great gift; jar it up and give it your girlfriends or your kid’s teacher for Christmas. I personally mix the contents together by just using a ziplock bag. No spoon required. I usually double the recipe to have enough for four baths… I’m ready to go!DSC_4923 (400x600)*Side note: I use two different types of Lavender oil. I use the 100% pure lavender oil (from Now essential oils) for recipes like the bath salt. This oil would have to be diluted with another carrier oil if I wanted to use it on my skin… SO, for my skin I use Relaxing Lavender, Body Oil. It’s diluted already with several different types of oils so it’s not too intense to use on your skin daily; but on the flip side it is not strong enough for a lot of the things on the list above.

Hopefully this post has convinced you to hop on another fun beauty-bandwagon with me! Let me know what you think! As always… if there is another fabulous beauty routine out there I need to try, DO tell!joanna_crop

K A T | celebrate halloween in style

I may be too old to trick or treat but I’m definitely not too old to celebrate Halloween! I don’t even try to come up with fun costumes anymore because Cason, Joanna, and I peaked 5 years ago when we decided to go as 3 Blind Mice. We followed it with Alvin and the Chipmunks (Brett was SUPPOSED to be Dave but he conveniently “forgot” his sweater) and we chose to retire because we knew we would never top that! These days I celebrate by decorating pumpkins or fixing a fun meal. I searched Pinterest high and low for some festive things for you or your family to do this Halloween!

[ cute decorating ideas ]

Copper-striped-white-pumpkinsCopper Striped Pumpkins | Homey Oh My!

FinalStack-O-Lantern | Brit + Co

glitterpumpkin7Glitter Monogrammed Pumpkin | UNORIGINAL MOM

1411526009430Glitter Dipped Pumpkins | The Farmer’s Daughter

[ festive meal ideas ]

da5d0ffb779e6a7d9d2938c04d319fcdSoup Bar | Cupcakes and Cashmere

5bb2460ace09d59c8914bdd4b61409c0Leftover Halloween candy S’Mores | A Beautiful Mess

Time to get in the Halloween spirit!


C A S O N | easy homemade apple pie


It’s that time of year again! It’s not officially fall until you’ve (A) Taken a picture at a pumpkin patch, (B) Worn scarves and/or boots pretending it’s cooler than it really is, (C) Stopped on the side of the road for boiled peanuts, (D) Ordered a pumpkin spice latte, and (E) Made a homemade apple pie! Apples are in season and your pies will never taste better than they do right now. Kat, Mom, and I have already made a trip to Ellijay (apple capital of GA!) to purchase our bushel and a peck of north Georgia apples.

My mom got this apple pie recipe from a great family friend. It’s definitely not your traditional lattice crust pie. It’s more like apple pie meets apple cobbler but it’s the only pie recipe I swear by!

Easy Apple Pie

For filling:
:: 6 large apples
:: 1 tsp. cinnamon
:: 1/2 cup white sugar
:: 1 unbaked pie shell (deep dish)

For crumble topping:
:: 1/2 cup white sugar
:: 1/4 cup brown sugar
:: 3/4 cup flour
:: 1/3 cup softened butter

1 | Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray your pie dish with nonstick cooking spray and spread your pie shell out in the dish.

2 | Peel apples and then cut them to desired size. You can just throw them in your pie dish – no need for a bowl!

3 | Evenly sprinkle in your sugar and cinnamon for the filling.


4 | Mix all ingredients for the topping until crumbly and evenly place on top of apples. (Sometimes I make extra crumble topping because I love it so much!)

5 | Bake at 350* for 1 hour. (Tip: Pie will slice better if you let it cool for about half an hour.)

apple-crisp-recipeapple-cobbler-recipeServe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you have the perfect fall treat! What other fall sweets do you look forward to? I’d love to try it out and blog about it!


A U D G E | stop lagging and start living

Who doesn’t love a night out to the movies? And who doesn’t love seeing the movie BEFORE EVERYONE ELSE?! Lo and behold, here’s your chance! We’ve got advanced screening passes for Keira Knightley, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Sam Rockwell’s new movie Laggies to give away to you guys – who’s in?? Here’s the info:

LAGGIES - Teaser Poster ArtS Y N O P S I S \\

Overeducated and underemployed, 28 year old Megan (Keira Knightley) is in the throes of a quarterlife crisis. Squarely into adulthood with no career prospects, no particular motivation to think about her future and no one to relate to, Megan is comfortable lagging a few steps behind – while her friends check off milestones and celebrate their new grown-up status. When her high-school sweetheart (Mark Webber) proposes, Megan panics and– given an unexpected opportunity to escape for a week – hides out in the home of her new friend, 16-year old Annika (Chloë Grace Moretz) and Annika’s world-weary single dad Craig (Sam Rockwell). Lynn Shelton, whose unique directorial voice created such astutely observed comedies as YOUR SISTER’S SISTER and HUMPDAY, crafts a sweet, romantic coming-of-age comedy about three people who find their lives intertwined in the most unconventional way as they make through the imperfect realities of modern day life. Keira Knightley shines as Megan, a rare female slacker hero who shows us that while you never stop growing up, you can choose stop lagging, and start living on your terms.

(Check out the trailer for Laggies)

W H E R E \\ AMC Phipps Plaza (3500 Peachtree Rd, Atlanta, GA 30326)

W H E N \\ Wednesday, October 29th @ 7:00PM

H O W   T O   E N T E R \\ Click this link and enter the code YCSWUBMAF | contest ends Mon. Oct. 27th

W H A T   Y O U   G E T \\ If you’re selected as a winner, you’ll receive a screening pass for 2 folks, so bring a date!

Now go, get to entering! Hope to see you guys there!!


J O A N N A |diy tassel bracelets

imageSo, not too long ago we made the mistake of asking you guys what you wanted to see more of on our blog. I knew you guys were going to say DIY… I just knew it. I consider myself more of a BIY (buy it yourself) girl, but I am determined to try my hand at creating lovely things… please, just bear with me. My mom wanted to have me excused from art class as a kid because she noticed, even at an early age, that I was definitely not the artsy type… “That side of your brain just doesn’t work, honey”, is what she would tell me. But hey, this is a project ANYONE can do… string beads, tie thread together, and call it a day. You got it! I’m all about stacking bracelets to help accessorize a look, so this was something I was actually willing to try out. The end result was not too shabby, if I do say so myself… check it out!image-1What you need:

:: Scissors

:: Pliers

:: Embroidery thread

:: Beads (or chain, go crazy!)

:: Jump ring (I used a 10mm gold one)

:: Stretchy string

:: Lobster clasp (if using chain for your bracelet)

All of these items can be found at Hobby Lobby!picstitch copyDSC_0372For the tassel:

1| Section off the amount of thread you want.

2| Use pliers to put a jump ring around the thread and use extra thread to tie it all together. (Make sure to tie it around several times and double knot.)

3| Cut the tread to your desired length.

It’s pretty simple to make the beaded bracelet… select beads and string them together using stretchy string. Make sure to secure string so that it doesn’t come loose. (It’s really embarrassing when all the beads fall to the floor… I’m just assuming.)picstitchIf you’re using a chain bracelet then all you have to do is attach a lobster clasp (using pliers) and then a jump ring with the tassel to one of the links.

See, wasn’t that easy? You can do it even IF the artsy side of your brain doesn’t work! My friends asked me to make one for them, so I take that as a good sign… of course, they could have been lying to me. (That’s ok, I still appreciate it). In all honesty… bracelets like this would normally cost $12-$30. It probably cost me $3 to make. No joke. (When you purchase the supplies in bulk it’s crazy how much money you can save.)DSC_0439We’re working on getting more projects out there for you guys to try your hand at… but, I must say my favorite so far was Cason’s DIY fail; I loved reading every second of it…it’s real life! Seriously though, let us know if there are any projects you’ve been wanting to try, we can test it out for you and then let you know how it goes. You know we’ll be honest!joanna_crop

K A T | diy charcoal face mask


I’ve recently been really into face masks. According to Pinterest you can use anything from apple cider and oatmeal to avocados and baking soda. Apparently, all the ingredients to make my skin look radiant have been hanging out in my kitchen disguising themselves as food. Who knew?

You may already be familiar with activated charcoal but I’m new to the club. It’s in so many skincare products, specifically for acne because it’s THAT awesome. But really, activated charcoal’s job is to rid your body of toxins. [Doctors use this stuff for snake venom, spider bites, and even alcohol poisoning] but we are going to use it to draw impurities out of our pores! Wahoo! It wouldn’t hurt to steam your face beforehand. We want those pores open so we can get them all cleaned out.


Face Mask:

:: Activated charcoal (I bought capsules at our local herb shop and opened them up)
:: Aloe vera gel
:: Rosewater or regular water
:: A couple drops of tea-tree oil


:: This mask can be messy. When you’re washing your face be wary of splash zone!
:: Don’t use charcoal you BBQ with- that is highly toxic!


I mixed about 1/2 a teaspoon of everything (water, charcoal, and aloe) and added 2-3 drops of tea-tree oil. You don’t want to add any more oil than that or it could cause stinging! I mixed everything together with a Q-tip to form an inky, black paste. Let it dry completely before washing your face with warm water. Cason and I decided to pair it with a glass of wine for a fun girl’s night in! Combine this with Audge’s DIY foot-scrub and you’ve got yourself an at-home spa day. 

I also read that you can brush your teeth with activated charcoal and it will help get rid of plaque build up. I haven’t tried it yet…but if it will make my teeth pearly white, there’s a good chance I’ll be adding charcoal to my toothpaste in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t hate getting charcoal this Christmas after all!